This is my last serenade. (shmoopyhead) wrote in hormoneexpress,
This is my last serenade.

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hello..i'm new! love me!

well i certainly have enough to bitch about...ALL THE TIME. teenage angst is my specialty.

as of right now the worst thing is my "best friend" who ditched me. we have been getting in a few arguments lately, and then she just didn't want to be around me anymore. and so, i'm left best friendless, but SHE has ANNAMARIE to fall back on, so who cares about sarah anyway!??! and all i'm left with is trust issues, and countless pictures and trinkets around my house and LIFE reminding me of amber, the girl who "dumped" me. and the only person i have to fall back on? my boyfriend, jason. which is just fine now, but what happens when he dumps me too, damnit?!?!?

alrighty, don't want to scare you all away...just wanted to put an entry in. heh.
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